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For many years now we have been working with these amazing people, providing them with fullfilling work and sence of contribution.  They have been assembling and packaging a variety of products for more than two decades including two of which are our flagship products, the  Amazing Sock Clip  and the Amazing Plate Caddy.  These helpful little products solve numerous common everyday problems as well as attempt to contribute to a much larger cause.   Within our society there is a large group of people with a variety of developmental disabilities who have the need to feel fulfilled and feel as if they are contributing.  We try and contribute to them by providing lots of work for people with varying levels of disability, and in doing so keep the work in the U.S.A.

We were introduced to this amazing group of people years ago and after meeting them and spending some time with them they captured our hearts and we feel honored to have the ability to work with them and give back in this way, and hope to continue to do so for many years ahead.  They get a feeling of accomplishment and to a certain extent the ability to earn their own way in society, achieve some independence, and we are happy and feel privileged to be involved with them.

What is the Sock Clip?  The Sock Clip is an amazing little product which solves a common household problem which we all have, sorting, pairing and losing socks.  With the use of the Sock Clip you will forever eliminate the need to ever sort or pair socks again and will also eliminate that mystereous lost sock creating that single lonely sock which we all have experienced.  Made in the U.S.A. and contributing to the benefit of others.

What is the Plate Caddy?  Ever been at a picnic, barbq, party or other predominatly stand up function and find yourself in the awkward position of having your plate of food in one hand and beverage in the other hand and no free hand to get the food from your plate to your mouth, shake a hand, open a door, etc.  Well the Plate Caddy solves this easily by enabling the user to hold their plate, beverage as well as their utensils and napkin all in one hand from underneight perfectly secure, comfortable and balanced.  Also Made in the U.S.A. and contributing to the benefit of others.

Each and every Sock Clip ever made, and there have been millions, have been assembled and packaged in the U.S.A. by these individuals.  We are proud to contribute in any way we can and are excited to continue to do so.  The Plate Caddy is also manufactured here in the U.S.A. and their packages are assembled by them as well.  As for the quality of our products, with making them here in the U.S.A. combined with the fact that we use only the very best in materials in the manufacturing of our products we are able to guarantee and stand behind them as we do!

Making products in the U.S.A. in these times, as you might imagine, is a challenge and often a struggle with so much of everything having gone overseas, it is expected by so many, particularily the retailers, that we should do the same.  We have chosen to keep doing what we are doing where besides helping others we can continue to make a consistent quality product that we all can feel proud of and which serves our customers for many years, as well as our community.

Our Sock Clip is the Original Sock Clip and is by far the very best way to keep your socks together and avoid sorting and/or losing socks forever saving their users valuable time and money!

The Plate Caddy is by far the very best option for holding your plate, beverage, utensils and napkin securely and comfortably all in one hand, leaving your other hand free to eat, greet and enjoy! Life is a balancing act, eating doesn't have to be with the Plate Caddy.

To see a video about the Sock Clip please visit here:  Sock Clip Video

To see a video about the Plate Caddy please visit here:  Plate Caddy Video

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